Thursday, April 27, 2017

Tips for Beach Weddings Part 2

beach wedding sandals
You want your wedding to run as seamlessly as possible, and we can help. In order to ensure a stress-free, enjoyable event, it’s important to plan ahead of time to avoid any issues the day of. Especially for beach weddings, there are a lot of factors you may have to plan for that you wouldn’t have to indoors. We’ve previously touched on a few of these reasons, here are some more to help you out:

Avoid heels

For anyone who was interested in wearing heels for the wedding – think again. High heels and sand unfortunately do not go well together, so encourage guests to consider options like flat-soled sandals, wedges, or another form of shoe that won’t sink and get stuck in the sand.

Provide shade

Even in a dress, the beach can sometimes be unbearably hot when the sun is beating down on you. To avoid guests getting impatient or dehydrated, set up areas of shade like a canopy over the seating area where those at the wedding can take a break from the sun.

Offer refreshments

In the same note, make sure to have plenty of liquids to keep you and your guests hydrated. Offer things like water, lemonade, and maybe a cocktail or two so attendees can quickly stop by, refresh and keep enjoying the ceremony.

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  1. Really nice tips for beach weddings. Glad to find this post here. Well dear, my sister just got married at seaside wedding venues Chicago and we had amazing time over there. The most important thing that she noticed was wearing a knee length wedding gown to avoid mess on such a big occasion.