Sunday, March 26, 2017

Tips for Beach Weddings Part 1

florida beach wedding at sunset
Beach weddings in Florida can be beautiful affairs that will make lasting memories for all involved. However, there are some major and minor differences between an indoor wedding and one occurring on a beach. For this reason, there are few things to keep in mind to ensure your beach wedding runs as smoothly as possible.

Think about privacy

You want your friends and family at your wedding ceremony, but you probably don’t want the general public crowding the event. Public beaches can be quite crowded, especially on holiday weekends. So be careful when picking a date and deciding between which private or public beach you’d like to have the ceremony at.

Use the natural beauty to your advantage

There are a lot of benefits to having outdoor weddings, one of the biggest being that nature provides its own beautiful decorations. On a beach, you already have the sand, sky, and beautiful ocean as your backdrop. Instead of loading up on other decorations, highlight the natural beauty of your setting.

Think about time of day

Weddings are photographed to remember forever, for both the happy couple and their guests. Natural, outdoor lighting can lend itself to stunning images, if you’re careful about what time of day you’re snapping pictures. The hours before sunset often photograph well, so a later ceremony could be good for pictures and allow a beautiful view of sunset.

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