Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Wedding Planning Tips for the Groom


In the old days, the groom had two jobs. First, go down on his knees and propose to his girlfriend. Two, make sure the newly crowned fiancé gets all the financial support she needs to plan a seamless wedding. 
Well, that was the deal back in the 20th century. Now, in the 21st century, especially 2019, grooms are getting more actively involved in the planning of their weddings. It takes two to tango, and you’ll require two to have a successful wedding day.
But how do you do it?
Well, you shouldn’t jump all in and start doing everything. There are 5 key ways that you, as a groom, can come in and rock your fiancé’s world by helping her plan an awesome wedding. So, read on to learn more.

It makes no sense if both of you decide to crowd up doing the same task. For instance, while the bride is busy making sure the cake is done, you can be bent-up making sure the location is secured and all the logistics are taken care of. 
Your fiancé will not only appreciate that you are taking some load off her back but by doing so, you’ll also be speeding up the whole planning process. More importantly, the  last-minute planning activities that still need to be done will be handled with a soberer mind, avoiding catastrophe on the last day.

It’s so hard to figure out what your friends might bring you for your wedding gift. So why not  make a wedding registry
A wedding registry will help you communicate what you preferably want to be gifted on your special day. You might already have a huge smart TV set that getting another one might be pointless. 
Maybe you might be interested in camping gear, kitchenware or some specific home electronics. Make sure you communicate all that in the registry.

It’s your responsibility, as the groom, to ensure that the groomsmen’s list is on check and everyone is busy gearing up for the big day. Thus, you need to find the time, early enough, to  start choosing the groomsmen
Most times, if the decision is tough for you, you can settle on the best man and have him help you select the rest of the pack.
Once the list is done, you need to manage these folks and ensure they fit their suits, stay fit ready for the big day and keep them updated on the activities and schedule for the big day.

Yes, the traveling expenses, accommodation, and food for the time they’ll be around you before the wedding will all fall on them. But how do you finally say thanks to the boys for sticking around?
By gifting them.
Which kinds of gifts exactly? Well, as far as the men go, jewelry and kitchenware don’t tick. Here are a few that might:
  1. Camping gear

Who amongst your crew won’t love a night out in the wild, reminiscing old boyhood memories over a bottle of beer? Buying them camping gear might thus be the best choice of gifts for them. There are a  lot of options available to choose in the market, like this  Yeti Rumber Coaster.
  1. Bottle opener

Wait, a bottle opener? Yes. How will you open those bottles of beer when you go for a boy’s night out after your honeymoon? 
Despite looking so simple and casual,  a simple bottle opener might mean a lot to the boys. It might be treated as a commitment to maintaining the close ties, despite getting someone special in your life.
  1. Wristwatch

A man’s style is crowned by his wristwatch. Thus, there’s no better way of giving thanks to the groomsmen and best man other than buying them a set of classic  wristwatches. However, be careful to select one that matches their styles best – most preferably, you can opt for different designs for each, based on their tastes.
  1. Shave and brush set

One last thing that you can consider buying for your best man and the groomsmen is  a shaving kit. As long as they got their beard growing, they’ll be remembering the day they stood for you at the best moment of your life. 
Is this all?
Well, not really. As far as gifts go, you can select various items from a vast selection of online stores.
And a pro tip: make sure you order these gifts early enough. Preferably a month before the wedding so that you can deal with any delivery hiccups that may arise.

Despite the 21st century demanding more from the groom as far as wedding planning is concerned, one unbroken rule all through the ages is that the groom must plan for the honeymoon. In most cases, the bride will prefer to be surprised by the location and dates of the planned vacation.
But even if the bride gets involved, add some bit of excitement and plan excursions and fun activities that she won’t be aware of, until you set foot in the place.


Planning a wedding involves more than you, as a groom, being there for your bride and helping her accomplish the large number of tasks she has. Apart from paying attention to the five tips given above, offering emotional support and an array of “I love you” to your bride can go a long way in making the day a success.

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