Sunday, June 11, 2017

Saving Tips for Your Big Event

save money on beach wedding packages
Weddings can be expensive events to plan, especially if you and/or your spouse has a large family. This becomes especially true for couples planning destination weddings, which can often make guests worry about costs for the big day. However, not all weddings need to break the bank. We’ve laid out some tips on how you can save money for your wedding.

Airfare – While flying first class or purchasing other amenities can make a flight quite enjoyable, they’re not necessary. Sacrificing luxuries like expensive meals, drinks, or seating can dramatically lower your costs. Booking at the right time can also help cut costs on airfare (during the week versus on weekends).

Invites – An option that is both eco-friendly and guaranteed to save you money is to use electronic invites in lieu of stationary. Digital invites also allow you to include more details and the bonus of being able to send updates if necessary.

Decorations – With beach wedding packages, you’re already surrounded by a beautiful landscape with stunning natural light and a great vibe. This gives you the ability to keep your decorations light, saving you money and letting the location speak for itself.

Another way to save money for your big day is by utilizing the service of destination wedding planners. With Florida Destination Weddings, you can get all your planning done with one company for a very competitive price – all customizable to your tastes. Contact us today for more information.